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American Wedding: thepolice.mp3 (559 K) 

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Mary Flaherty: "I think I saw some Pine-Sol in here too. Aye-yay-yay. Oh my god!"
Harold Flaherty: "Oh, my lord!"
Mary Flaherty: "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!"
Jim: "He's okay. He's okay."
Mary Flaherty: "Are you all right? Are you okay?"
Harold Flaherty: "Who did this to you?"
Jim: "I'm sure he's okay. Are you okay?"
Kevin: "I'm okay. I'm okay."
Mary Flaherty: "Get some help! Harold, call the police!"
Kevin: "I'm fine."
Officer Krystal: "All right!"
Jim: "Jesus!"
Officer Krystal: "I'll take charge from here."
Harold Flaherty: "My god, they are fast here. And nicely attired."
Mary Flaherty: "What's going on here?"
Jim: "She's here to protect and serve."
Officer Krystal: "Quiet!"
Jim: "Okay."
Officer Krystal: "Who let this boy out of the closet? You are all in for a hard punishment now."
Mary Flaherty: "Don't you touch him. He's been hurt."
Officer Krystal: "No, this is hurt!"
Kevin: "Ow!"
Harold Flaherty: "You can't do that."
Officer Krystal: "Silence, bleeper!"
Harold Flaherty: "Ow!"
Officer Krystal: "Oh, you like it."
Harold Flaherty: "Oh!"
Mary Flaherty: "Harold, what's gotten into you?"
Harold Flaherty: "I meant 'ow'."
Officer Krystal: "Dirty whore! Shut your hole! Obey!"
Harold Flaherty: "You can't do that."
Mary Flaherty: "You're a disgrace to the police force."
Officer Krystal: "I'll be giving you an enema!"
Kevin: "Hey, somebody untie me!"

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