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Jim: "Alright, Stifler> Um, this... this is a little, uh, difficult to explain. Look, you're... you're okay. You're okay. I... I... I mean, uh... I mean, I like you."
Stifler: "Yeah, great. You can blow me after practice. I'm working, dude."
Jim: "Well, dude."
Stifler: "Come on. Work it! Hustle!"
Jim: "See my mom didn't know that there was a misunderstanding."
Stifler: "Push it! Move it! Come on!"
Jim: "You're not invited!"
Stifler: "Hold! Dude, how the hell do you even think you're getting married? I've been looking out for your sex life since high school."
Jim: "You what?"
Stifler: "Ohhhh! Ohh! The first tits this guy ever saw were because of me. The first girl he ever hooked up with was at my party at my cottage. That girl is the girl he's marrying. The Stif-man showed him the way. Can I get a 'Hallelujah'?"
Jim: "Hallelujah, Stifler!"
Stifler: "But, my bleepers, this mofo right here does not want the Stifmeister, the grand bleeping facilitator to attend the wedding. Who sucks donkey dick?"
The Team: "(Chanting) Jim sucks donkey dick!"
Jim: "The answer is no. Okay? I'm sorry."
Stifler: "I can dance."
Jim: "What?"
Stifler: "I can dance."

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