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Anger Management: calmdown.m4r (726 K) 

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Dave: "Uh excuse me, could I mayby get that headset please?"
Flight Attendant (Nancy Walls): "Do not raise your voice to me sir."
Dave: "I wasn't raising my voice."
Flight Attendant: "Ok, just calm down."
Dave: "I am calm, I just want my headset."
Flight Attendant: "Sir, our country is going through a very difficult time right now. And if you're not going to cooperate..."
Dave: "I don't know where a headset ties into patriotism."
Air Marshal (Isaac C. Singleton Jr.): "Is there a problem here sir?"
Dave: "I... I don't think so."
Air Marshal: "Can you come to the back of the plane with me sir so we can have a talk?"
Dave: "A talk about what? There's not a problem here. The stewardess just keeps..."
Air Marshal: "Flight attendant."
Dave: "The flight attendant keeps ignoring me when I ask..."
Air Marshal: "Calm down!"
Dave: "I am calm. What is it with you people?"
Air Marshal: "You people?"
Dave: "Oh now wait a minute, I don't mean you people I mean you people."
Air Marshal: "Sir, I will not tolerate any racist behavior on the plane. This is a very difficult time for our country."
Dave: "I know that. I'm not a racist. I just want to watch the movie."
Air Marshal: "I'm only going to say this one more time sir. Calm down!"
Dave: "I'm calm!"
Air Marshal: "(shock him with a stun gun.)"

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