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American Wedding: dogpoop.m4r (1547 K) 

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Mary Flaherty: "What do you have in your hand there?"
Stifler: "This one?"
Mary Flaherty: "Ner, the other one."
Stifler: "It's chocolate truffle."
Jim's Mom: "Ooh, yummy!"
Mary Flaherty: "Where did you get that? Oh, the caterer said she was savind the truffles for tomorrow. You sneaky devil."
Stifler: "Well, hey, I managed to sneak one right past her."
Harold Flaherty: "Oh, come on. This woman loves chocolate. At least give her a tiny nibble."
Mary Flaherty: "Give it to Mama."
Stifler: "Mama don't want this. This is the only piece that I have."
Finch: "Idiot."
Mary Flaherty: "Well, break it in half. Come on."
Stifler: "You know what? Let's just leave the surprises till tomorrow, huh guys? It's gonna be a great day."
Mary Flaherty: "I'd like my surprise right now."
Stifler: "No, it's mine!"
Mary Flaherty: "Steven, give it to me."
Stifler: "No."
Mary Flaherty: "Give me the 'G' darn truffle."
Harold Flaherty: "Steven, that is so selfish."
Stifler: "Mm, it's good"
Mary Flaherty: "Ooh."
Harold Flaherty: "Is it? Is it sweet?"
Stifler: "It's so sweet."
Mary Flaherty: "Close your mouth when you chew, Steven."
Stifler: "Don't do that."
Harold Flaherty: "At least you could describe to the lovely woman how deliceous it is."
Stifler: "Well, it tastes like twigs and berries."
Mary Flaherty: "Is it swiss or French chocolate?"
Stifler: ""Maybe German."
Harold Flaherty: "Oh, really? Is it creamy?"
Stifler: "Yeah, it's creamy."
Harold Flaherty: "Easy to go down, right?"
Stifler: "Well, I'm trying to savor the flavor right now."
Harold Flaherty: "Is it fresh?"
Stifler: "Oh, it's so fresh."
Harold Flaherty: "Nothing better than when they're fresh."
Stifler: "Nothing better."
Harold Flaherty: "The problem is you can't eat just one, can ya?"
Stifler: "No, no, you can't."
Harold Flaherty: "But you've got to know when to stop, don't you?"
Stifler: "You really do, but it's really hard. It's really hard."
Harold Flaherty: "Droppings from the gods."
Jim's Mom: "Ooh!"
Mary Flaherty: "Get me another one, darling. Come on."
Harold Flaherty: "You selfish boy. Next time, bring enough for everybody."
Stifler: "Hey, let's keep this to ourselves. Huh? Okay?"
Harold Flaherty: "Okay."
Stifler: "I gotta go, okay?"
Harold Flaherty: "Don't have any more because it's gonna spoil your appetite."
Stifler: "Okay. Hey, look, mon. I gotta go."

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