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Downloading Wav or MP3 Files

Once you select a movie, cartoon, or tv show this page will help you download WAVs or MP3s from it.

If you are having problems finding the movie, cartoon or tv show try this page:

1) Select a movie, cartoon, or tv show. (For example "The Wedding Singer")
2) click on the link for the WAV or MP3 of your choice. (For example "dance.wav")
3) That link will send you to a new page where the sound should load and play automatically.
4) On that page below the playing sound clip is a direct link to the Sound clip.
5) If you want to save the WAV or MP3 to your hard drive, right click on the and select "save target as" (in I.E.). (It may be "save link as" in some browsers like Netscape, Mozilla, and Firefox)
5) From the save as menu select the part of your hard drive you would like to save it to. Then click save.

If you are having problems saving the sound clip because the "save target as" in grayed out, see this Microsoft Article. It is probably due to the Content Advisor being turned on. The Microsoft Article will instruct you on how to turn it off assuming you have the password.
If that does not fix it, it may have something to do with spyware.
Another solution may be to download another browser like Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera.

Thank you for using MovieWavs.
-Gary West

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