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James Russell (Charlie Sheen): "How we doin'?."
Franklin: "What's up man, what you need? Oh, hold up, let me guess. Two to the Phantom of the Opera, right?."
James: "I've already seen it thanks."
Franklin: "Hold up man, wait a minute, wait a minute, you that silly ass reporter from the channel 5 news ain't you?"
James: "Channel 12 actually."
Franklin: "Wasup? I knew it. What's up man?"
James: "James Russell, how you doin'?"
Franklin: "Alright, what's up?."
James: "I was wondering if we could talk to ya for a couple of seconds on camera?"
Franklin: "Cool."
James: "Julio, is that alright?"
Franklin: "Whatever you want to do man. It's cool."
Cameraman: "(Cues him to begin)"
Franklin: "Wait a minute, wait a minute, hold up."
James: "Cut!"
Cameraman: "Cut"
Franklin: "I need to straighten out my bleep man. Straight. Alright, I'm ready cool, let's go."
James: "You're ready?"
Franklin: "Cool."
James: "You're sure?"
Franklin: "I'm sure."
James: "Ok."
Cameraman: "(Cues him to begin)"
James: "This is James Russell reporting on our city and her crimes. I'm here a t a local carwash, talking to the carwash hustler. You have quite an operation setup for yourself here. Tell me what is going on down here?."
Franklin: "I'm a businessman, man. What the bleep you think's goin' on man? I'm trying to..."
James: "Cut, cut, cut cut!"
Cameraman: "That's a cut."
Franklin: "What?"
James: "You can't use that kind of language on tv."
Franklin: "What, Wwwwhat language? what you talkin' about?."
James: "bleep."
Franklin: "bleep what?"
James: "You cannot say bleep on television."
Franklin: "Man bleep that man. You the one that came over here and wanted me to do an interview man. Don't tell me how to talk man. Come on, you need to hurry up. I got bleep to do."
James: "Well, I got bleep to do also alright."
Franklin: "Well, come on man hurry up. Get on with it man."
Cameraman: "(Cues him to begin)"
James: "This is James Russell reporting on our city and her crimes."
Carmine (Damian Chapa): "Hey Franklin."
Franklin: "Hey what's up man?"
Carmine: "What's up?"
Franklin: "I gotta go man. Y'all do a commercial or find someone else. What up Carmine? Carmine... What's up man, I ain't seen you in a long time."
James: "Cut, bleeping cut."

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