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Goodfellas: goBLEEPyourself.m4r (856 K) 

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Tommy: "Next thisg you know, he's gonna be coming in in one of those bleeping walkers. Eve though you got that, you can dance. Give us a couple of steps, Spider. You bleeping bullbleepter, you. Tell the truth. You're looking for sympathy. Is that it sweatie?"
Spider (Michael Imperioli): "Why don't you go bleep yourself, Tommy."
Jimmy: "Oh! I didn't bleeping hear right. I don't believe what I just heard. Hey, Spider, here. Here, this is for you. Atta boy. I got respect for this kid. He's got a lot of bleeping balls. Good for you. Don't take no bleep off nobody. He shoots him in the foot, he tells him to go fuk himself. Tommy, you gonna let him get away with that? You gonna let this bleeping punk get away with that? What's the matter with you? What's the world coming to?"
Tommy: "(Tommy goes nuts and shoots Spider) That's what the world is coming to. How do you like that? How's that, alright?"
Jimmy: "What's the bleeping matter with you?! What is the bleeping matter with you?! What are you stupid or what? Tommy, Tommy, I'm kidding with you. What the fuk are you doing? What are you a sick maniac?"
Tommy: "How do I know if you're kidding? What do you mean, you're kidding? You're breaking my bleeping ball?"
Jimmy: "I'm bleeping kidding with you, you bleeping shoot the guy?!"
Henry: "He's dead."
Tommy: "Good shot. What do you want from me? Good shot."

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