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Purple Matress: Life's too short to be uncomfortable.

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Lt. Hauk: "What the hell was that? Crappy weather, bleepty weather?"
Cronauer: "Comedy, sir."
Lt. Hauk: "Comedy? No, no. This is not comedy. Comedy is fun, it's antics, hysterical-type things."
Cronauer: "Hysterical-type things? Airman Cronauer requesting you to elaborate, sir."
Lt. Hauk: "Antics, damn it. Comedy of errors, like the Keystone Cops falling down. General wackiness like that."
Cronauer: "Falling down? That's a sight gag. How would anyone see you fall down on the radio, sir?"
Lt. Hauk: "No, no, no, no. Not literally falling down."
Sgt. Phil McPherson: "It definitely wouldn't work on the radio, sir."
Cronauer: "See, sir?"
Lt. Hauk: "What I mean is in the spirit of the Keystone Cops."
Sgt. Phil McPherson: "Sir, it wouldn't work, I don't think."
Pvt. Abersold: "I don't think anybody would see you fall though a radio, sir. I...If a field radio..."
Lt. Hauk: "What are you doing here?"
Pvt. Abersold: "I thought I'd come help smooth things out."
Lt. Hauk: "Don't help and don't smooth. And you, you are not funny, but you are a maniac, and you'd better start changing your life."
Cronauer: "Sir? Thank you for thatconstructive criticism. Its... It's a privilege to take comedy notes form a man of your stature."
Lt. Hauk: "Fine. Just don't let it happen again."
Cronauer: "Whoa. In the dictionary under "bleephole" it says "see him"."

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