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Conauer: "Well, I really didn't make that suggestion, sir. I'm sorry."
Nixon: "The United States has no right to give..."
Lt. Hauk: "Why would Cronauer's voice be on this tape?"
Pvt. Abersold: "I don't know, Lieutenant."
Nixon: "'s territory to the communists."
Conauer: "Mr. Nixon, thank you for that concise political commentary, but I'd like to delve into something slightly more personal for the men in the field. How would you describe your testicles?"
Nixon: "That they're soft, that they're shallow, that they have no purpose."
Lt. Hauk: "Oh, my God."
Conauer: "What aro you saying, sir?"
Nixon: "That tey lack the physical strength."
Conauer: "How would you describe your sex life with your wife Pat?"
Nixon: "Uh, it is unexciting sometimes."
Conauer: "Well, have you considered possibly a sex change? There is an opperation that can transform you..."
Lt. Hauk: "Please don't do this to me."
Conauer: "...into a female Great Dane..."
Lt. Hauk: "Please don't do this to me."
Conauer: "...or a very well-hung Chihuahua. Mr. Nixon, while you've been in Vietnam, it's rumored that you smoked marijuana. Are you planning, sir, to take some of the marijuana home, back to the United States? How would you do that?"
Nixon: "By plane, by helicopter and also by automobile."

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