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Good Morning Vietnam: sheissayno.m4r (645 K) 

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Purple Matress: Life's too short to be uncomfortable.

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To use as ringtone on your iPhone open the m4r audio file with iTunes and it will automatically be put in the "Ringtones" folder. Then sync your phone. You may need to check the "Sync ringtones" box under the "Ringtones" tab in iTunes for your iPhone. (Unfortunately if the sound clip is over 40 seconds it will not work because iTunes puts a limit on it.)

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Tuan: "You forget the girl."
Cronauer: "Oh, I'll let her say no."
Tuan: "She is say no. That is what walking away from you means."
Cronauer: "Hey, I'm interested in the girl. I'm not interested in you playing Dear Abby."
Tuan: "I know because she's my sister."
Cronauer: "I would, however, love to buy you lunch, maybe look at a family album. Come on."
Tuan: "I not like you, sir."
Cronauer: "Why not? I got a great personality. You ask anybody."
Tuan: "You phony, like American and French before you. Here to get something, leaving when you not get it. You come into my class, so maybe we like you. You come for the girl. You won't get her. You go."
Cronauer: "Okay, Sherlock. Yeah, I bribed my to meet the girl. You got me, bang. But hey, I like the class. I'm gonna stay. Let's be friends. Okay, come on? Come on. Come on."
Tuan: "You like me because of my sister."
Cronauer: "No, I like you because you're honest, because you're shorter than I am. We look like a before and after picture. Now, come on. Let me buy you a beer."
Tuan: "Sometimes your face look like a fish in the Gulf of Thailand."
Cronauer: "It's true. It's very true. That's an insult, isn't it?"

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