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Purple Matress: Life's too short to be uncomfortable.

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Dave: "The thing of it is, money's tight. When times are tight, it don't do no good to throw around 'Just go out and sell.' You can threaten a man all you want, you can't whip a dead horse."
George: "Nope."
Dave: "All this garbage, 'Sell 10,000, you win a Cadillac; you lose, we're gonna fire your ass.' It's-- No, it,s medievil."
George: "Yes."
Dave: "It's wrong."
George: "Yes."
Dave: "Yes, it is, and you know who's responsible?"
George: "Who?"
Dave: "You know who it is. It's Mitch and Murray, 'cause it don't have to be this way."
George: "No."
Dave: "Look at Jerry Graff. He's clean, he's doing business for himself, he's got that, you know, that list, with the nurses. See? You see? That's thinking. Why take a 10%? A 10% sales commission? Why aro we giving the rest away? What are we giving 90% for? For nothing. For some jerk sit in the office telling us, 'Get out there and close, go win a Cadillac.' Graff, he goes out there and buys. He pays top dollas. You see?"
George: "Yes."
Dave: "For the leads-- that's thinking. Now, he's got the leads, he goes in business for himself. That's what? That's thinking. Who? Who's got a steady job, a regular job, a couple of bucks nobody's touched, who?"
George: "Nurses."
Dave: "Graff goes and buys a bleeping list of nurses. One grand, he paid two , I'll eat my hat. 4,000 or 5,000 nurses, he's going wild."
George: "He is?"
Dave: "Yeah, he's diong very well."
George: "I heard they were running cold."
Dave: "The nurses?"
George: "Yeah."
Dave: "You hear a lot of things, don't you. He's doing very well. He's doing very well."
George: "With River Oaks?"
Dave: "River Oaks, Brook Farms. All that bleep. Somebody told me-- you knom what he's clearing, himself? 14, 15 grand a week."
George: "Himself?"
Dave: "That's what I'm saying. Why? He's got the leads. He's got the good leads. What are we? We're sitting in the bleep here. Why? Because we gotta go to them to get them. Huh? 90% of our sales we're paying to the office for the leads."
George: "Well, there's our leads, there's the overhead, there's the phones, there's a lot of stuff."
Dave: "What do you need? A telephone? Some broad to say, 'Good morning'? Nothing. It's the leads. The whole thing is the leads, you understand me? You can't sell to a viod. You got to get a bleepdamn person. You get a lead, you get a person-- I'll go in ther and sell 'em. Otherwise, what do they want from my life?"

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