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George: "What could we get for them?"
Dave: "For them?"
George: "For the leads."
Dave: "What could we get for the leads? I don't know. 10 bucks a throw. 15 maybe. I don't know. For the leads, you saying? Say somebody took them, went to Jerry Graff."
George: "Yeah. How many leads do we have?"
Dave: "The Glengarry? The premium leads? I've got to think they've got 500. Say 500 leads."
George: "You're saying that a fell a could take those leads and sell them to graff?"
Dave: "The leads to Graff. Yes. I wa saying-- yeah. A guy could take-- like anything else, it seams to me, that is negotiable, a guy could sell them."
George: "How do you know he'd buy them?"
Dave: "Because I worked for him."
George: "You didn't talk to him?"
Dave: "No. What do you mean? Did I talk to him about this?"
George: "Yeah. Are you just talking about this, or are we just talking abut it?"
Dave: "Yeah, we're just speaking about it."
George: "Speaking about it a an idea?"
Dave: "Yes."
George: "We're not actually talking about it."
Dave: "No."
George: "Talking about it as a-- as a robbery."
Dave: "As a robbery? No."
George: "Well."
Dave: "Hey."
George: "So all this-- you didn't actually-- you didn't actually call Graff? You didn't talk to him?"
Dave: "Not actually, no."
George: "You didn't."
Dave: "No, not actually."
George: "Did you?"
Dave: "What did I say?"
George: "What did you say?"
Dave: "I said, not actually. bleep you care, George? We're just talking."
George: "We are?"
Dave: "Yes."
George: "Because, uh-- because it's a crime."
Dave: "Robbery. That's right. It is a crime. It's also very safe."
George: "You're actually talking about this."
Dave: "That's right."
George: "You're gonna steal the leads."
Dave: "Have I said that?"
George: "Are you?"
Dave: "Did I say that?"
George: "Did you talk to Graff?"
Dave: "What did I say?"
George: "What'd he say?"
Dave: "What did he say?"
George: "He'd buy them."

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