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A Mighty Wind: retro.m4r (564 K) 

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Mark: "Sorry, I just got a mental piture in my mind of... of us on stage in the show. And, it's just, we weren't wearing the old stuff, the old gear, the old..."
Jerry: "We're talking about the dickeys here?"
Mark: "...haberdashery. Well, the whole look."
Jerry: "I think I'm on record as Mr. Anti-Dickey."
Mark: "You were Mr. Drop-the-dickey."
Jerry: "Drop-the-dickeys. I'll... I'll still say it."
Mark: "It's just a very retro look. I mean retro, retro..."
Alan: "I'm...I'm...I'm totally available for the discussion of it. It's just, it sounds like you're thinking the image that we had was a retro image of something that wasn't retro because we didn't... we weren't retro. Because we were then."
Jerry: "Right, it wasn't retro then, but now, to try a retro thing, it might just look king of sad. I mean."
Mark: "To do then now would be retro. To do then then was very now-tro...."
Jerry: "Yeah."
Mark: "...if you will."

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