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Lars Olfen: "Before I came to PBN I did the Goot Times reunion. And people said they wanted more close-ups. I want to make sure we got plenty of close-ups here."
PBN TV Director (Scott Williamson): "I can assure you, we have plenty of close-ups schedualed."
Lars Olfen: "Another thing would be great, would be one of those great shots where you pull back to see the enormity of the event and the venue. Would be a crane. Do we have a crane standing by? I can't remember."
PBN TV Director: "No, we don't have a crane."
Lars Olfen: "Wow! You know those king of swooping shots where it goes over the audience and goes... hammers in on a nice tight shot of one of the musicians playing?"
PBN TV Director: "Uh-huh."
Lars Olfen: "That would be great."
PBN TV Director: "It would be."
Lars Olfen: "Or to...when they pull back,you know, kind of like a California Adventure ride, where you get to see the whole scope of the thing, that would be very nice too."
PBN TV Director: "It would be."
Lars Olfen: "Cause I could make some calls, if we could get one, if you want. I don't know if it's not too late"

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