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Make Wavs

Using your internal DVD Player you can create wav files from any DVD.

Now you need software to record the sound. Sound Recorder, which comes with Windows, works OK but is kind of clunky. Try downloading GoldWave. It's the one I use to create all the WAVs and MP3s on

You will need to adjust the sound recording levels in windows in order to get the best sounding wav files.
1) Open 'Control Panel' (Start, Control Panel)
2) Open 'Sounds And Devices' (double click)
3) Select the 'Audio' tab
4) Under 'Sound Recording' click the 'Volume button'.
5) Click 'Options', 'Properties'.
6) Check everything and click OK.
7) Now make sure only 'Wave' is checked in the Recording Control window (See Example #7).
8) Bring the volume all the way up.
Now you're ready to start recording.

Now, you want to cue the movie up a few seconds before the quote you want to hear, select "new" on the sound software (I record all my clips at 1 channel mono, 11025 sampling rate, and select 5:00.000 length and click ok), play the movie, and hit "record" (on the software, not the DVD!) at the point you want your sound clip to start, and stop at the point you want it to end. With GoldWave you don't have to be exact, you can edit the sound after you've recorded it to include only the parts you want. With Sound Recorder the only control you have is start and stop. I also give it a little lead time and end time so that I can fade in (See Example 5) and fade out (See Example 6) the clip to make the clip sound better.

Proper recording levels are critical to making good sounding samples. If the software displays a waveform while you're recording, you'll know the audio levels are right if you can see it moving while you're recording, and if during the loudest parts of the sound, the waveform comes close to, but does not touch the top of the display (See Example #1). If the waveform is extending beyond the top and bottom (See Example #2) you must adjust the recording volume down like we did earlier. Except we lower the volume this time (See Example #7). For most people the opposite will be the case. The Wav form will not extend far enough to reach the top and bottom of the display (See Example #3). If this is the case, you must select the whole wav and click the volume button (See Example #4) and adjust it until it fits. Once you've got it the way you want it, save it the same way you would any other file and move on.

Example # 1 Perfect

Example # 2 Too loud
too loud

Example # 3 Too Quiet
too quiet

Example # 4 Volume Button

Example # 5 Fade In Button
fade in

Example # 6 Fade Out Button

Example # 7 Recording Control
rocording control

I hope this helps, guys. Good luck making wavs.

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