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Archive of March 1998

Nothing To Lose 59 new Wavs

The Little Mermaid Wavs

Sixteen Candles 3 new Wavs
Say Anthing 6 new Wavs
Scream 5 new Wavs
Seven 5 new Wavs
Spaceballs 3 new Wavs
Steel Magnolias 8 new Wavs
Terminator 4 new Wavs
Tombstone 5 new Wavs
The Truth About Cats And Dogs 3 new Wavs
Unforgiven 5 new Wavs
Vampire In Brooklyn 5 new Wavs
Young Frankenstein 2 new Wavs

The English Patient 3 new Wavs
The Evening Star 4 new Wavs
Fifth Element 7 new Wavs
The Fire Down Below 4 new Wavs
A Few Good Men 5 new Wavs
French Kiss 6 new Wavs
Friday 8 new Wavs
From Dusk Till Dawn 8 new Wavs
Fugitive 3 new Wavs
The Ghost And The Darkness 3 new Wavs
GI Jane 4 new Wavs
Grease 8 new Wavs
Grosse Pointe Blank 4 new Wavs
Heathers 3 new Wavs
Independence Day 4 new Wavs

Aladdin (TV) Wavs
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (Cartoon) Wavs
Timon And Pumbaa (Lion King TV) Wavs

Con Air 27 new Wavs
Tango_And_Cash 8 new Wavs

Face/Off 7 new Wavs

The Peacemaker Wavs

Aliens 7 new Wavs
Air Force One 10 new Wavs
Austin Powers 8 new Wavs
Bad Boys 2 new Wavs
Batman 2 new Wavs
Big Trouble In Little China 8 new Wavs
Chasing Amy 2 new Wavs
Clue 3 new Wavs
Clueless 6 new Wavs
Coming To America 3 new Wavs
Con Air 5 new Wavs
Desperado 5 new Wavs
Devils Advocate 4 new Wavs
Down Periscope 6 new Wavs
Dumb And Dumber 6 new Wavs
Empire Records 4 new Wavs
The Abyss 1 new Wav
Airplane Ra
Tommy Boy Ra

I fixed the South Park Episode 109 Starvin Marvin RA files. They were all coming up error code 19 sorry about that but they are all fixed now.
Titanic 19 new wavs

Sorry, the links for yesterday didn't work until today. I didn't upload all the files.

The Twilight Zone Ra
Grease Wavs
Grosse Pointe Blank Wavs
The Lost Boys Wavs
Mimic Wavs
My Best Friends Wedding Wavs
An Officer And A Gentleman Wavs
The Prophecy Wavs
The Truth About Cats And Dogs Wavs
Vampire In Brooklyn Wavs

G.I. Jane Wavs
The Fire Down Below Wavs
The Devil's Advocate Wavs

3/7/98 There's nothing like a bulk addition.
Pinky And The Brain 14 new Wavs
Airplane 7 new Wavs
Blazing Saddles 5 new Wavs
The Blues Brothers 10 new Wavs
Caddyshack 20 new Wavs
Casablanca 18 new Wavs
Cheech And Chong 26 new Wavs
Fast Times At Ridgemont High 22 new Wavs
Fletch 6 new Wavs
Gone With The Wind 21 new Wavs
Independence Day 8 new Wavs
James Bond 2 new Wavs
The Jerky Boys 8 new Wavs
On The Waterfront 1 new Wav
Psycho 1 new Wav
Scarface 1 new Wav
Star Trek Movies 10 new Wavs
42nd Street 1 new Wav
Adams Rib 2 new Wavs
The African Queen 1 new Wav
All About Eve 1 new Wav
An American In Paris 1 new Wav
Arsenic And Old Lace 1 new Wav
Bandwagon 2 new Wavs
Beyond The Forest 1 new Wavs
The Big Sleep 3 new Wavs
Born Yesterday 2 new Wavs
Breakfast At Tiffany's 17 new Wavs
Cabin In The Cotton 1 new Wav
Bringing Up Baby 2 new Wavs
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof 2 new Wavs
Charade 1 new Wav
Citizen Kane 1 new Wav
Dark Victory 1 new Wav
Dinner At Eight 2 new Wavs
Father Goose 2 new Wavs
Father Of The Bride (1950) 4 new Wavs
Frankenstein 1 new Wav
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 5 new Wavs
Gigi 1 new Wav
Grand Hotel 2 new Wavs
Harvey 1 new Wav
Holiday 16 new Wavs
It's A Wonderful Life 3 new Wavs
Jezebel 2 new Wavs
Key Largo 1 new Wav
King Kong 2 new Wavs
Life With Father 1 new Wav
Little Caesar 3 new Wavs
Lolita 2 new Wavs
The Magnificent Ambersons 2 new Wavs
Maltese Falcon 5 new Wavs
Mildred Pierce 1 new Wav
Murder, My Sweet 1 new Wav
Mutiny On The Bounty 2 new Wavs
My Man Godfrey 3 new Wavs
Ninotchka 1 new Wav
North By Northwest 2 new Wavs
Of Human Bondage 2 new Wavs
The Petrified Forest 2 new Wavs
Public Enemy 2 new Wavs

The Usual Suspects 9 new Wavs
The Long Kiss Goodnight 10 new Wavs
Top Gun 5 new Wavs
From Dusk Till Dawn 4 new Wavs
In The Line Of Fire 3 new Wavs
Jerry Maguire 3 new Wavs
Liar, Liar 8 new Wavs
Maniac Cop 2 new Wavs
Mars Attacks 2 new Wavs
McHale's Navy 11 new Wavs
The Professional 11 new Wavs
Reservoir Dogs 8 new Wavs
Rumble In The Bronx 1 new Wav
Sundown 1 new Wav
They Live 2 new Wavs
Tombstone 34 new Wavs
Total Recall 4 new Wavs
True Grit 6 new Wavs

Fierce Creatures 27 new Wavs

Crimson Tide 5 new Wavs

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