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Archive of February 1999

2/15/99 All of the wav files should be working now.
BASEketball 31 new Wavs
South Park: Episode 216 Merry Christmas Charlie Manson 93 new Wavs
South Park: Episode 217 Gnomes 84 new Wavs
South Park: Episode 218 Prehistoric Ice Man 69 new Wavs
I very sorry about all the broken links lately. Thanks for your patience in this matter. I moved all my files back to the original website host I started with when The MovieWavs Page © first became a domain in 1997 ( I had a few problems with the last host I was using ( This has happened a few times this year and I realize it is a little annoying, but I am confident that Animus Communications is going to do the trick. If you find any broken links let me know.

Gary West

2/14/99 I'm catching up on the link submissons
City Of Angels Wavs
Amistad Wavs
Armageddon Wavs
Clear And Present Danger Wavs
Hard Rain Wavs
Most Wanted Wavs
Philadelphia Wavs
Big Hit Wavs
Mulan Wavs
Lethal Weapon 4 Wavs

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