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looking.wav(244K) looking.mp3(244K) looking.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Trent (Vince Vaughn): "Is she looking at me now?"
Sue (Patric Van Horne): "No."
Trent: "How about now? Is she looking over here now?"
Sue: "No"
Trent: "What about now? Is she looking now?"
Sue: "No, she is not looking at you dude. Would you quit asking me if she's looking at you. Wait she just looked"
Trent: "See what Im saying man."

money.wav(278K) money.mp3(278K) money.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Trent: "Mike I'm telling you your money. You're so bleepin' money alright and I want you to go over to that girl and get those digits."
Sue: "You're money."
Trent: "Come here a second listen. Now lookit... When you go up to talk to her man, I don't want you be the guy in the PG13 movie everybody's really hopping makes it happen ....I want you to be like the guy in the rated R movie, you know, the guy your not sure whether or not you like yet. You're not sure where he's coming from alright. You're a bad man. You're a bad man. You're a bad man"

darlin.wav(269K) darlin.mp3(269K) darlin.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Trent: "(talking to a Vegas waitress.) Excuse me darlin I'm sorry wow, I want you to remember this face here. Ok, this is the guy behind the guy behind the guy"
Mike: "Would you cut that bleep out."
Trent: "What, she smiled."
Mike: "It's not cool man."
Trent: "Did she or did she not smile?"
Mike: "It doesn't matter"
Trent: "Mike I'm tellin' ya, girls love that stuff."
Mike: "You're gonna screw up our plan"
Trent: "Baby were gonna get laid."

BLEEPhole.wav(417K) BLEEPhole.mp3(417K) BLEEPhole.m4r(iPhone ringtone)

Vegas Waitress: "Well can I get you anything else? I mean, you really shouldn't leave here without something."
Mike: "Why ruin a perfect night?"
Trent: "Listen um, bring a single malted glen gary for me and one for my boy Mikey here. And if you tell the bartender to go easy on the water then this fifty cent peice has your name written all over it. Ok, I want you to run along because I'll be timing you. I'm gonna keep time: One, two, three, four..."
Mike: "What an bleephole."
Trent: "Baby, that was money. Tell me that wasn't money."
Mike: "That was so demeaning."
Trent: "She smiled baby."
Mike: "I can't believe what an bleephole you are."
Trent: "No, no, baby she smiled."
Mike: "She was smiling at what an bleephole you are."
Trent: "No, no, no, she was smiling at how money I was"

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